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The Playhouse is a highly flexible theatre with in-the-round, thrust, or proscenium staging and seating capacities from 330 to 502 seats. This fully equipped theatre provides an intimate setting conducive to conferences, lectures and various performing groups.

COMMERCIAL RENTAL: $750 per day or 12% of gross ticket receipts after taxes, whichever is greater. Commercial rental applies to any event where an admission is charged, a fee is taken, a collection is made or any revenue is derived.

NON-COMMERCIAL RENTAL: $425 per day. Non-commercial rental rate applies to qualified religious, charitable or educational organizations where no admission is charged, no fee is taken, no collection is made or no revenue is derived. Local non-profit organizations that charge admission, take fees, collections or derive revenue may qualify for the non-commercial rental.

RENTAL RATES include seating up to 330, lighting, heating and/or air conditioning and water as installed. Additional seating up to 502 is available upon request – additional cost will apply. With the exception of basic production sound and lighting equipment, all labor, supplies and equipment are considered additional expenses and will be charged at rates as outlined in the EQUIPMENT, SERVICES & STAFFING, AND AUDIOVISUAL sheets.

MOVE-IN / MOVE-OUT and rehearsal dates are calculated at sixty percent (60%) of the normal daily rental rates.

INSURANCE can be obtained by the VBC at the applicable rate.

The Von Braun Center Playhouse is proud to host Fantasy Playhouse and Theater Huntsville.